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I understand YOUTH-RX does not direct control or influence the treatment decisions made by the Consulting Physician with respect to my care and/or my request from YOUTH-RX is not liable for any negligent act or omission of the Consulting Physician. I understand that my medical records become property of the Consulting Physician or YOUTH-RX and that in addition, YOUTH-RX will have continuing access, the right to copy and retain any and/or all portions of my medical record. : *

I am soliciting this site to determine whether or not I fit the criteria for certain prescription medications. I am not currently seeing my regular primary care physician at this time because: A) this site is more convenient. b) for other personal reasons. *

I accept, understand and agree to the following:  I am freely seeking medical consultation via the Internet.  I am aware that the physician reviewing my medical history will not have the opportunity to conduct a personalized in-person physical examination.  I am soliciting this site because I am seeking a specific prescription medication to treat an already-identified medical or cosmetic condition. I understand that my "Medical History" will be reviewed by a physician who is licensed in the U.S.: *

I acknowledge and agree that I, under no undue duress, initiated contact with YOUTH-RX. I am aware that my prescribing physician may be located in another state or country other than my own and that said physician may NOT be licensed to practice medicine in my state of residence (referred to as the "Consulting Physician").: *

I agree that all online medical consultations, diagnoses and treatments will be deemed to have occurred in the state where the physician is "Physically" located and/or licensed to practice medicine.: *

I am under the care of a primary care physician and I do not consider the "Consulting Physician" to be my primary care physician (unless I visit the said physician for an in-person personal doctor/patient consultation).  I will not rely on or substitute the advice given by the "Consulting Physician" should it contradict the advice given to me by my primary care physician, and I will continue to visit my primary care physician: *

The "Consulting Physician" reviewing my "Medical History" will make a decision based upon my honest responses in making his or her decision regarding my request. I understand each question I answered on the questionnaire and I responded truthfully, accurately and completely.: *

I will not make a claim that the "Consulting Physician" acted unprofessionally or below the standard of care solely because the physician did not personally perform a physical examination on me.: *

I also understand that failure on my part to provide truthful, accurate and complete information to the "Consulting Physician" could cause him or her to unknowingly make an inappropriate treatment decision affecting my physical or mental health. To prevent this occurrence, I acknowledge that it is of utmost importance that I am truthful when answering the questions asked in the "Medical History": *

Before taking any medication prescribed, I will ensure that I have completed the following:  Accurately and honestly completed a comprehensive physical examination by my primary care physician.  I received a copy of the written report of said examination and that I have identified my responses to the "Medical History" any findings from my physical examination that are not within the accepted average range.: *

In accordance with the United States Arbitration Act, I agree that any dispute arising out of or related to, the provision of services by the "Consulting Physician", by YOUTH-RX, its affiliates, or their employees, partners and agents, shall be subject to final and binding arbitration exclusively through the procedures of the American Arbitration Association.: *

I understand that this release includes, but is not limited to, my agreeing to the following:  I have truthfully answered all of the questions and have provided complete and accurate answers to the questions.  I further agree to make the YOUTH-RX physicians aware of any changes in my medical condition in the event I revisit this site to obtain more or different medications.: *

I understand that this agreement is voluntary and that it is binding to any individual or entity claiming by or through me or on my behalf, including all heirs, representatives and assigns; and I chose this site on my own accord from several Internet options; I hereby release YOUTH-RX and the "Consulting Physician" from all claims that the "Consulting Physician" acted unprofessionally or below the standard of care solely because he/she did not perform a physical examination on me.: *

I understand the risks, side effects and potential complications associated with this medication.  I agree to hold harmless YOUTH-RX, its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors or partners related to the medication and therefore I personally assume all risks associated with taking the medication and will not seek any indemnification, any damages of any kind or, any other liability from YOUTH-RX, its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors or partners.  I understand that I will be given the opportunity to ask the Consulting Physician any questions related to the medication.  If I experience any of the side effects I agree to immediately notify Consulting Physician for non-emergency events and will seek immediate medical attention for emergency events followed by notice to Consulting Physician and YOUTH-RX.: *

I understand that no doctor, nurse or administrative personnel, including YOUTH-RX and Consulting Physician cannot guarantee any specific results of any evaluation, treatment, or medication. I release YOUTH-RX, its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates contractors, or partners along with the Consulting Physician, from any liability for any accident or injury that is not directly caused by the negligence of YOUTH-RX or Consulting Physician, or its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors, or partners. I further understand that the overall diagnosis and treatment may involve risks or injuries. I understand and agree to hold YOUTH-RX, YOUTH-RX personnel and consulting physician harmless and free from liability if I should encounter any adverse event related to the treatment or medication prescribed that could result in my incurring additional medical costs. *

If prescribed medication, I agree to take the medication exactly in the manner as prescribed to be by Consulting Physician and agree to release Consulting Physician and YOUTH-RxXand associated personnel from all liability related to misuse, unintended use, or unauthorized use of the medications prescribed. *

I understand that YOUTH-RX may choose to utilize the services of independent contractors. Health care professions that are independent contractors are not agents or employees of YOUTH-RX and are responsible for their own actions. I understand that YOUTH-RX shall not be liable for the acts or omissions of independent contractors. *

Throughout the course of my treatment I agree to provide accurate, updated and through information regarding my medical history and any conditions or events which may impact medical decision-making. *

I understand it is my responsibility to have an annual physical examination, including any suggested laboratory tests, to ensure that I do not have a condition which will make my taking this medicine inappropriate or dangerous. I have consulted with my physician and/or pharmacist and am not currently taking any medications or combination of medications that will make the medication I am requesting inadvisable to take (contraindicated).: *

I will notify my primary care physician that I am taking the medication that I requested so that he/she may advise me as to whether or not I should continue or discontinue its use.  This document also serves as my informed consent to allow YOUTH-RX access to any of my medical information, including all medical data contained in the "Medical History" including, but not limited to, any health information, regarding HIV, mental health, alcohol, drug or substance abuse conditions or treatments.: *

I hereby authorize my physician to release or disclose to YOUTH-RX any and all medical information.  I accept that, with the exception for action formerly taken with the regard to this authorization, I can void this authorization at any time by providing notices to YOUTH-RX or, to the "Consulting Physician".  This consent does not give YOUTH-RX, its parent or sister companies, the right to sell my name or information to any third party.: *

In consideration of YOUTH-RX undertaking to render the undersigned patient any administrative or any other services relating in any way to this agreement or, YOUTH-RX disclosing information or methods of treatment to patient (either of which are deemed sufficient consideration for this agreement).: *

I understand that in the event any court determines that the undersigned patient sought medical treatment or medical prescriptions through YOUTH-RX for the possible apparent purpose, directly or indirectly ,of deception, assisting any investigation or rendering of any type of assistance to, or disclosing of any information pertaining to YOUTH-RX its procedures, officers, directors, or medical protocols, to any news organization, possible or actual competitor, any type of government agency, any investigator: *

I understand I will not give any information to any party for possible or apparent purposes of securing any information, confidential or otherwise, about YOUTH-RX, its officers, directors, shareholders, affiliates, banking relationships, contractors, medical laboratories, contracting physicians, medical protocols, sources of pharmaceuticals, proprietary medical treatment protocols or YOUTH-RX system of pharmaceuticals procurement and dispensing.: *

The undersigned patient knowingly, expressly and irrevocably consents to a judgement in favor of YOUTH-RX, its officers or any party proceeding under the authority of its instrument, of liquidated damages, jointly and severely against the undersigned patient, as well as any express or apparent principle (including a patient's employer) as an authorized or apparent agent of his/her principal or employer, in the amount of Three Million Dollars ($3,000,000).: *

The above liquidated damage amount is hereby accepted by the undersigned as a reasonable amount for engaging in such acts of deception and because they are difficult to ascertain. The undersigned patient engaged in such deception or any of the above described acts agrees on behalf of himself and his/her principal, to pay reasonable attorney's fees and costs incurred by any person or entity seeking to enforce this agreement.: *

I understand this agreement represents the complete and entire agreement between the parties to it.  I understand that prescription medications purchased cannot be refunded.: *

I understand all information, items and services contained on this website are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.  In using this website, I understand and agree:  (A) that YOUTH-RX is not responsible for the negligent or intentional acts or omissions of any healthcare provider or supplier that may be linked with or for any action or inaction taken by me in reliance upon the information communicated to me via this website.: *

In using this website, I understand and agree: (B) that the total liability of YOUTH-RX and its affiliates, if any, arising from or related to interactions I have with or, through this website (whether the claim is contract, tort, warranty, negligence, malpractice, fraud or otherwise) is limited to the purchase price of any products in any relevant transaction and (C) that YOUTH-RX shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages.: *

In accordance with the above understanding, I agree to release YOUTH-RX, their employees, agents, corporate affiliates and related parties from any and all liability associated with or arising from the physician consultation or from the medical, physical, behavioral or other effects of any medication that may be ordered, prescribed or purchased, as a result of the physician consultation.: *

If any provisions of this above agreement is held to be void, unenforceable or illegal, then I agree that the agreement will be changed or limited only to the extent necessary to enable the remaining provisions to be of full force and effect.: *

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